SIAM CSE15 Minisymposium: Scientific Software Productivity at Extreme Scale

Published on 2017-03-09T17:13:42Z (GMT) by
Minisymposium Abstract<br>There has been a recent renewed focus on software productivity for scientific applications, especially those that require performance at extreme scales (10k+ and GPU-accelerated cores). The goal of this minisymposium is to engage the broader computational science and engineering software community, to discuss productivity issues that arise when developing high-performance applications. The session will include an overview presentation of forums and efforts focusing on productivity (including a recently funded initiative within DOE); two science application presentations, oriented towards software productivity considerations; and an open facilitated session to gather SIAM CSE community concerns and priorities.<br><br><b>Citation Information</b><br>Please note that the FigShare citation, below, is appropriate only to refer to the overall mini-symposium, and the "authors" are really the organizers of the session.  <i>If you're referring to the content of specific presentations, please cite them individually rather than the overarching mini-symposium.</i><br>

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