Reconstructing 3D heart surface with stereo-endoscope by learning eigen-shapes

Published on 2018-11-13T14:31:44Z (GMT) by
An efficient approach to dynamically reconstruct Region of Interest (ROI) on beating heart from stereo-endoscopic video is developed. A ROI is first pre-reconstructed with a decoupled high-rank thin plate spline model. Eigen-shapes are learned from the pre-reconstructed data by using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to build a low-rank statistical deformable model for reconstructing subsequent frames. The linear transferability of PCA is proved, which allows fast eigen-shape learning. A general dynamic reconstruction framework is developed that formulates ROI reconstruction as an optimization problem of model parameters, and an efficient second-order minimization algorithm is derived to iteratively solve it. The performance of the proposed method is finally validated on stereo-endoscopic videos recorded by da Vinci® robots.

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Yang, Bo; Liu, Chao; Zheng, Wenfeng; Liu, Shan; Huang, Keli (2018): Reconstructing 3D heart surface with stereo-endoscope by learning eigen-shapes. The Optical Society. Collection.