Proceedings of the third workshop on Physics Dynamics Coupling (PDC18), ECMWF, Reading, UK, 2018

Posted on 2018-09-20 - 17:19 authored by Markus Gross

Weather and climate models include complex representations of dynamics (fluid motions) and physics (e.g. radiative transfer, chemistry, cloud processes) that span timescales from fractions-of-a-second to millennia. The coupling of these processes is complex and difficult to represent. This workshop will address challenges in the development of advanced algorithms to accurately and efficiently represent process interactions that determine fundamental characteristics of weather and climate systems.

The workshop has a strong emphasis on the mathematical and computational aspects of weather and climate modeling. On an abstract level, any model development activity can be described as a series of steps that include:

  1. choosing the continuous form of the equations that describe the physical system of interest,
  2. discretizing the equations,
  3. evaluating the solution fidelity and sensitivity, and
  4. identifying opportunities for further improvement.
The PDC workshop is held roughly every 1.5 years.


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