Open Research Exchange 2020

Posted on 2020-11-25 - 09:20 authored by Stephen Carlton
Resources from the University of Manchester's Open Research Exchange event. Details below:

Open Research (also known as Open Science) is the practice of applying principles of openness to every stage of the research lifecycle. Openness in research increases transparency and removes access barriers. This approach aligns with the University of Manchester's core aims of advancing knowledge through research and contributing to the wellbeing of society, and has the potential to increase both opportunities for collaboration and impact.

At this first Open Research Exchange event, organised by the University of Manchester Library, attendees will hear about the University's roadmap for supporting and facilitating open research practices. Attendees will also hear from a multidisciplinary lineup of researchers who are embedding open research principles in their practice.

The event is free and open to all. Presentations from open research practitioners will intend to spark conversations, encourage attendees to exchange their own experiences, and inspire others to embed open research principles in their work.


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