Nucleation and Growth of a Nanobubble on Rough Surfaces

Published on 2020-04-10T11:34:04Z (GMT) by
We study the nucleation and growth of a nanobubble on rough surfaces using molecular dynamics simulations. A nanobubble nucleates and grows by virtue of a heterogeneous surface reaction which results in the production of gas molecules near the surface. We study the role of surface roughness in the nucleation and growth behavior of a nanobubble. We perform simulations at various reaction rates and surface morphology and quantified the growth dynamics of a nanobubble. Our simulations show that after the onset of nucleation, the nanobubble grows rapidly with radius following <i>t</i><sup>1/3</sup> behavior followed by a diffusive growth regime which is marked by <i>t</i><sup>1/2</sup> growth behavior. This growth behavior remains independent of surface roughness and reaction rates over the range considered in this study. We also quantified the oversaturation of gas required for nucleation of a nanobubble and demonstrated its dependence on the surface morphology.

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Maheshwari, Shantanu; van Kruijsdijk, Cor; Sanyal, Suchismita; Harvey, Albert D. (2020): Nucleation and Growth of a Nanobubble on Rough Surfaces. ACS Publications. Collection.