Nonplanar Spray-Coated Perovskite Solar Cells

Posted on 2022-08-16 - 08:09
Spray coating is an industrially mature technique used to deposit thin films that combines high throughput with the ability to coat nonplanar surfaces. Here, we explore the use of ultrasonic spray coating to fabricate perovskite solar cells (PSCs) over rigid, nonplanar surfaces without problems caused by solution dewetting and subsequent “run-off”. Encouragingly, we find that PSCs can be spray-coated using our processes onto glass substrates held at angles of inclination up to 45° away from the horizontal, with such devices having comparable power conversion efficiencies (up to 18.3%) to those spray-cast onto horizontal substrates. Having established that our process can be used to create PSCs on surfaces that are not horizontal, we fabricate devices over a convex glass substrate, with devices having a maximum power conversion efficiency of 12.5%. To our best knowledge, this study represents the first demonstration of a rigid, curved perovskite solar cell. The integration of perovskite photovoltaics onto curved surfaces will likely find direct applications in the aerospace and automotive sectors.


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