Published on 2018-10-26T22:53:47Z (GMT) by J. Harry Caufield
<p><a>This collection contains the Metadata Acquired from Clinical Case Reports set, a standardized metadata template and text corresponding to medical concepts within 3,100 curated CCRs spanning 15 disease groups and more than 750 reports of rare diseases. This set also contains a subset of metadata on reports on selected mitochondrial diseases and ICD-10 diagnostic codes for each. The MACCR set contains text associated with high-level clinical concepts, including demographics, disease presentation, treatments, and outcomes.</a></p>

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Caufield, J. Harry; Zhou, Yijiang; Garlid, Anders Olav; Setty, Shaun; A Liem, David; Cao, Quan; et al. (2018): MACCRs. figshare. Collection.