Large-field-of-view optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy

Published on 2018-02-08T20:49:06Z (GMT) by
The use of existing optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy (ORPAM) has been limited to small organs or part of large organs due to the millimeter-scale field of view (FOV) in both lateral and axial directions. Here, we report a large-field-of-view ORPAM (L-ORPAM) using a combination of a new scanning mechanism and an ultrafast pulsed laser. Phantom and in vivo experiments show that L-ORPAM has a spatial FOV of 40 mm in lateral and 12 mm in axial, which expends the effective imaging domain to one order that of existing ORPAMs. To show the advantages of L-ORPAM, we apply it to imaging vasculatures of both brain and ears simultaneously in mice, and visualizing intestinal vasculatures in rats. The result suggests that L-ORPAM has sufficient contrast, resolution and spatial FOV to carry out studies of large rodents.

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Qin, Wei; Jin, Tian; Heng, Guo; Xi, Lei (2018): Large-field-of-view optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy. The Optical Society. Collection.