Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals Genomic Regions Associated With Ten Agronomical Traits in Wheat Under Late-Sown Conditions

Posted on 2020-09-17 - 04:35

Poor understanding of the genetic and molecular basis of heat tolerance component traits is a major bottleneck in designing heat tolerant wheat cultivars. The impact of terminal heat stress is generally reported in the case of late sown wheat. In this study, our aim was to identify genomic regions for various agronomic traits under late sown conditions by using genome-wide association approach. An association mapping panel of 205 wheat accessions was evaluated under late sown conditions at three different locations in India. Genotyping of the association panel revealed 15,886 SNPs, out of which 11,911 SNPs with exact physical locations on the wheat reference genome were used in association analysis. A total of 69 QTLs (10 significantly associated and 59 suggestive) were identified for ten different traits including productive tiller number (17), grain yield (14), plant height (12), grain filling rate (6), grain filling duration (5), days to physiological maturity (4), grain number (3), thousand grain weight (3), harvest index (3), and biomass (2). Out of these associated QTLs, 17 were novel for traits, namely PTL (3), GY (2), GFR (6), HI (3) and GNM (3). Moreover, five consistent QTLs across environments were identified for GY (4) and TGW (1). Also, 11 multi-trait SNPs and three hot spot regions on Chr1Ds, Chr2BS, Chr2DS harboring many QTLs for many traits were identified. In addition, identification of heat tolerant germplasm lines based on favorable alleles HD2888, IC611071, IC611273, IC75240, IC321906, IC416188, and J31-170 would facilitate their targeted introgression into popular wheat cultivars. The significantly associated QTLs identified in the present study can be further validated to identify robust markers for utilization in marker-assisted selection (MAS) for development of heat tolerant wheat cultivars.


Kumar, Sundeep; Kumari, Jyoti; Bhusal, Nabin; Pradhan, Anjan Kumar; Budhlakoti, Neeraj; Mishra, Dwijesh Chandra; et al. (2020): Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals Genomic Regions Associated With Ten Agronomical Traits in Wheat Under Late-Sown Conditions. Frontiers. Collection.
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Frontiers in Plant Science


Sundeep Kumar
Jyoti Kumari
Nabin Bhusal
Anjan Kumar Pradhan
Neeraj Budhlakoti
Dwijesh Chandra Mishra
Divya Chauhan
Suneel Kumar
Amit Kumar Singh
Mathew Reynolds
Gyanendra Pratap Singh
Kuldeep Singh
Sindhu Sareen
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