Frequency-encoded photonic qubits for scalable quantum information processing

Published on 2017-04-26T19:08:01Z (GMT) by
Among the objectives for large-scale quantum computation is the quantum interconnect: a device that uses photons to interface qubits that otherwise could not interact. However, the current approaches require photons indistinguishable in frequency—a major challenge for systems experiencing different local environments or of different physical compositions altogether. Here, we develop an entirely new platform that actually exploits such frequency mismatch for processing quantum information. Labeled “spectral linear optical quantum computation” (spectral LOQC), our protocol offers favorable linear scaling of optical resources and enjoys an unprecedented degree of parallelism, as an arbitrary N-qubit quantum gate may be performed in parallel on multiple N-qubit sets in the same linear optical device. Not only does spectral LOQC offer new potential for optical interconnects, but it also brings the ubiquitous technology of high-speed fiber optics to bear on photonic quantum information, making wavelength-configurable and robust optical quantum systems within reach.

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Lukens, Joseph M.; Lougovski, Pavel (2017): Frequency-encoded photonic qubits for scalable quantum information processing. The Optical Society. Collection.