Flipping interferometry with doubled imaging area

Published on 2018-11-02T20:53:20Z (GMT) by
We present a new external off-axis holographic module that doubles the acquired complex wavefront field of view, based on using both flipping and holographic multiplexing. In contrast to previous designs, this design does not require spatial filtering (no pinhole and lenses) to create the reference beam externally. In addition, the overlap area between the fields of view as well as the off-axis angle between the sample and reference beams can be fully controlled. As we demonstrate experimentally, this approach is useful for quantitative phase microscopy of extended stationary and dynamic samples, such as cancer cells during rapid flow and beating cardiomyocytes.

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Nativ, Noa; Turko, Nir; Shaked, Natan (2018): Flipping interferometry with doubled imaging area. The Optical Society. Collection.