Exciting a chiral dipole moment in an achiral nanostructure

Published on 2018-08-01T20:50:11Z (GMT) by
We discuss the excitation of a chiral dipolar mode in an achiral silicon nanoparticle. In particular, we make use of the electric and magnetic polarizabilities of the silicon nanoparticle to construct this chiral electromagnetic mode which is conceptually similar to the fundamental modes of 3D chiral nanostructures or molecules. We describe the chosen tailored excitation with a beam carrying neither spin nor orbital angular momentum and investigate the emission characteristics of the chiral dipolar mode in the helicity basis, consisting of parallel electric and magnetic dipole moments, phase shifted by ±Π/2. We demonstrate the wavelength dependence and measure the spin and orbital angular momentum in the emission of the excited chiral mode.

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Eismann, Jörg; Neugebauer, Martin; Banzer, Peter (2018): Exciting a chiral dipole moment in an achiral nanostructure. The Optical Society. Collection.