Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology in Spain: A snapshot of current situation

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<div>Background:<p>Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology has been a rising field in recent years worldwide. Catheter insertion, renal biopsy, renal ultrasound, and peritoneal dialysis catheter or permanent dialysis catheter insertion are vital to our specialty. At present, many of these procedures are delegated to other specialties, generating long waiting lists and limiting diagnosis and treatment.</p>Methods:<p>An online survey was emailed to all Nephrology departments in Spain. One survey response was allowed per center.</p>Results:<p>Of 195 Nephrology departments, 70 responded (35.8%). Of them, 72.3% (52) had ultrasound equipment, 77.1% insert temporary jugular catheters, and 92.8% femoral. Up to 75.7% (53 centers) perform native renal biopsies, of which 35.8% (19) are real-time ultrasound guided by nephrologists. Transplant kidney biopsies are done in 26 centers, of which 46.1% (12) by nephrologists. Tunneled hemodialysis catheters are inserted in 27 centers (38.5%), peritoneal catheter insertion in 18 (31.6%), and only 2 centers (2.8%) perform arteriovenous fistulae angioplasty. In terms of ultrasound imaging, 20 centers (28.5%) do native renal ultrasound and 16 (22.8%) transplanted kidneys. Of all units 71.4% offer carotid ultrasound to evaluate cardiovascular risk, only in 15 centers (21%) by nephrologists. AVF ultrasound scanning is done in 55.7% (39).</p>Conclusion:<p>Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology is slowly spreading in Spain. It includes basic techniques to our specialty, allowing nephrologists to be more independent, efficient, and reducing waiting times and costs, overall improving patient care. Nowadays, more nephrologists aim to perform them. Therefore, appropriate training on different techniques should be warranted, implementing an official certification and teaching programs.</p></div>

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