Demonstration of Topological Data Analysis on a Quantum Processor

Published on 2018-02-09T22:04:06Z (GMT) by
Topological data analysis offers a robust way to extract useful information from noisy, unstructured data by identifying its underlying structure. Recently, a quantum algorithm was proposed [Lloyd, Garnerone, Zanardi, Nat. Commun. 7, 10138 (2016)] that can in principle offer an exponential speedup over existing classical algorithms for calculating Betti numbers -- the number of topological holes in a structure at various dimensions. Here, we implement a proof-of-principle demonstration of this quantum algorithm by employing a six-photon quantum processor to successfully analyze the topological features of Betti numbers of a network including three data points, providing new insights into data analysis in the era of quantum computing.

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Huang, He-Liang; Wang, Xi-Lin; Rohde, Peter; Luo, Yi-Han; Zhao, You-Wei; Liu, Chang; et al. (2018): Demonstration of Topological Data Analysis on a

Quantum Processor. The Optical Society. Collection.