DAWN: Diversity Among Wheat geNomes

Posted on 2018-07-10 - 12:57 authored by Nathan Watson-Haigh
This collection contains files related to the alignment of Illumina sequence data from 16 wheat accessions, plus Chinese Spring, to the IWGSC Triticum aestivum RefSeq v1.0 genome assembly. Included files are: BAM files (and associated indexes), read alignment coverage files (bigWig) and VCF files containing SNP calls (associated indexes) and SNP density (SNPs per 10 kbp) bigWig files.

The raw Illumina sequence data for Chinese Spring and 16 wheat accessions are available from the ENA (PRJNA392179) or Bioplatforms Australia (BPA). The 16 non-Chinese Spring accessions include the following:
- Australian:
* Baxter
* Chara
* Drysdale
* Excalibur
* Gladius
* H-45
* Kukri
* RAC-875
* Westonia
* Wyalkatchem
* Yitpi
- Canadian:
* AC-Barrie
- USA:
* Alsen
* Pastor
- Israel:
* Volcani-DD-1
- Chinese:
* Xiaoyan-54


Watson-Haigh, Nathan; Suchecki, Radoslaw; Kalashyan, Elena; Garcia, Melissa; Baumann, Ute (2018): DAWN: Diversity Among Wheat geNomes. The University of Adelaide. Collection. https://doi.org/10.4225/55/5a76e03723567
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