Carrier-envelope phase measurement from half-cycle high harmonics

Published on 2008-04-14T00:00:00Z (GMT) by
We present an efficient method to observe the high harmonics generated in individual half-cycle of the driving laser pulse by mixing a weak ultraviolet pulse, and then the cutoff of each half-cycle harmonic is imaged. The simulation shows that the information of the driving laser pulse, including the laser intensity, pulse duration and carrier-envelope phase, can be in situ retrieved from the harmonic spectrogram. In addition, our results show that this method also distinguishes the half-cycle high harmonics for a pulse longer than 10 fs, suggesting a potential to extend the CEP measurement to the multi-cycle regime.

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Lan, Pengfei; Lu, Peixiang; Li, Fang; Li, Yuhua; Yang, Zhenyu (2008): Carrier-envelope phase measurement from half-cycle high harmonics. The Optical Society. Collection.