CACES Air Quality Observatory

Posted on 2018-11-16 - 12:23 authored by Albert Presto
The collection has data from the EPA CACES Air Quality Observatory (EPA RD83587301). Additional funding was provided by the US National Science Foundation (NSF AGS1543786), the EPA Air Pollution for Communities Program (EPA 83628601), and the Heinz Endowments (grants E2375 and E3145). It has
not been formally reviewed by EPA. EPA does not endorse any products or commercial services mentioned in this dataset.

Data were collected by a mix of stationary and mobile sampling in Pittsburgh, PA, Oakland, CA, and Austin TX, and are organized by either mobile or stationary data collection methods and by city.


Presto, Albert; Gu, Peishi; Ye, Qing; Robinson, Allen; Donahue, Neil; Li, Zhongju; et al. (2018): CACES Air Quality Observatory. Carnegie Mellon University. Collection.
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EPA RD83587301

Heinz Endowments (grants E2375 and E3145)

NSF AGS1543786

EPA 83628601


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