Beam shaping diffractive waveplates

Published on 2017-11-21T15:18:12Z (GMT) by
We present and discuss opportunities opened up by a new generation of beam shaping optical elements that combine capabilities of digital spatial light polarization converters and diffractive properties of thin liquid crystalline films with patterned orientation of anisotropy axis (diffractive waveplates, DWs). Several functions of the new generation beam shapers are demonstrated, among them converting a laser beam of a Gaussian profile into a ring profile in the far field, a flattop profile, and into complex images. We also describe electrically controlled beam shaping optical elements which can be turned Off and On within milliseconds by applying a low external voltage. Optical, morphological and electro-optical properties of the components are characterized.

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Tabiryan, Nelson; Sio, Luciano De; Roberts, David; Liao, Zhi; Hwang, Jeoungyeon; Steeves, Diane; et al. (2017): Beam shaping diffractive waveplates. The Optical Society. Collection.