Arbitrarily spin-orientated and super-resolved focal spot

Published on 2018-08-02T15:50:32Z (GMT) by
In this letter, we propose an accessible approach for achieving a robust focal spot capable of both super resolution and arbitrary spin orientation. Toward this aim, we meticulously devise a structured incident light consisting of three sorts of beams and detailedly elucidate to produce it by the superposition of a radially polarized beam and an azimuthally polarized beam. Via tightly focusing counter-propagating patterned illuminating beams in a 4π optical microscopic configuration, three polarized components perpendicular to each other are created, enabling to yield a super-resolved focal spot possessing spatial spin axis. By wilfully adjusting the amplitude factors of the containing beams, the spin direction can be freely tunable. Such well-defined electric field behavior is largely ascribed to perfect interference caused by all the polarized components. The demonstrated results may greatly expand the practical applications related to the spin photonics.

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Yan, Weichao; nie, zhongquan; liu, Xiaofei; Zhang, Xueru; Wang, Yuxiao; Song, Yinglin (2018): Arbitrarily spin-orientated and super-resolved focal spot. The Optical Society. Collection.