All-Optical Manipulation of Micron-Sized Metallic Particles

Published on 2018-01-12T19:07:13Z (GMT) by
Optical traps use focused laser beams to generate forces on targeted objects ranging in size from nanometer to micron. However, for their high coefficients of scattering and absorbing, micron-sized metallic particles were deemed non-trappable in three dimensions using a single beam. This barrier is now removed. We demonstrate, both in theory and experiment, three-dimensional (3D) dynamic all-optical manipulations of micron-sized gold particles under high focusing conditions. The force of gravity is found to balance the positive axial optical force exerted on particles in an inverted optical tweezer system, to form two trapping positions along the vertical direction. Both theoretical and experimental results confirm that stable 3D manipulations are achievable for these particles regardless of beam polarization and wavelength. The present work opens up new opportunities for a variety of in-depth research requiring metallic particles.

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Zhang, Yuquan; Dou, xiujie; dai, yanmeng; wang, xianyou; Min, Changjun; Yuan, Xiaocong (2018): All-Optical Manipulation of Micron-Sized Metallic Particles. The Optical Society. Collection.