Wei Liang Lai

Post Graduate Researcher (Composites) (Composite and hybrid materials; Aerospace structures)



  • Dataset on mechanical properties of damaged fibre composite laminates with drilled vent-holes for resin-injection repair procedure
  • Cost-effective and efficient resin-injection device for repairing damaged composites
  • A simple portable low-pressure healant-injection device for repairing damaged composite laminates
  • Mechanical properties of low-velocity impact damaged carbon fibre reinforced polymer laminates: Effects of drilling holes for resin-injection repair
  • Dataset on open/blind hole-hole interaction in barely visible impact damaged composite laminates
  • Experimental assessment of drilling-induced damage in impacted composite laminates for resin-injection repair: Influence of open/blind hole-hole interaction and orientation
  • Roadmap to sustainable plastic waste management: a focused study on recycling PET for triboelectric nanogenerator production in Singapore and India
  • Experimental assessment of barely visible impact damage carbon fibre reinforced epoxy composite using ultrasound method
  • In situ resin‐injection approach for repairing barely visible impact damaged carbon‐fiber reinforced epoxy laminates: Optimizing the repair parameters using T aguchi method
  • Experimental assessment on the mechanical, physical, thermal, and chemical properties of halloysite and carbon nanoparticles reinforced epoxy resins for repair applications
  • Experimental assessment of barely visible impact damage carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite using ultrasound method
  • Gate-to-grave assessment of plastic from recycling to manufacturing of TENG: a comparison between India and Singapore

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