Timeline of idea development: anticancer activity of glycoside amides:


  • Theoretical study of anticancer activity of glycoside amides
  • Interpretable prediction for anticancer sensitivity of glycoside amides
  • Quantum mechanical notions about the nature of the chemical bond. Intermolecular interaction.
  • Molecular topology of fire extinguishing agents
  • Investigation of persons by organized criminal groups questionnaire dark triad.
  • Ecological treatment of leather skins with enzyme preparations
  • Analysis and selection of an applied statistical model for processing pre-entered questionnaire information for employees of the Ministry of Interior
  • Hydrazine - from the flask to space
  • Thermodynamic characterization of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher using quantum chemical methods
  • Quantum thermodynamics of combustion
  • Investigation of the influence of impregnation with metal-containing, nitrogen-containing compounds of oxyaryls with unlimited salts and sulfonated synthetic greases for car seats on their flammability
  • Synthesis and study of the chemical, physicochemical and ecological properties of an experimental biodegradable foaming agent
  • Theoretical study for selection of a suitable fire extinguisher for damaged aircraft based on modified fatty alcohols
  • Optimization of CPU / GPU hardware when extracting thermochemical data from substances with complex molecular topology
  • Molecular design and theoretical thermal analysis of methane derivatives
  • Theoretical analysis of the thermal stability of brake fluid of classes DOT 3, 4 and 5.1
  • Hypothesis in the order of prime numbers
  • Theoretical study of the possibility of fire extinguishing with fatty alcohols
  • Using quantum methods to characterize real thermochemical processes
  • Theoretical study of the inhibitory effect of bromine saturated hydrogen sulfonated fatty alcohols on the combustion of aviation fuel
  • Determining a standard of simulating aviation fuel environment in the theoretical study of substances supporting rescue operations
  • Methylene chloride - solvent, degreaser, coolant
  • Theoretical study of the inhibitory effect of bromine saturated hydrogen sulfonated fatty alcohol on n-heptane
  • Theoretical comparative thermal analysis of aircraft fuels
  • Investigation upon a combined method of tannage without chromium of enzymatic treated pig skins
  • Obtaining biodiesel, tag and compost derived from fleshing
  • Comparing the impact of lipolytic enzyme preparations in additional soaking and degreasing of fleshed pig and sheep skins,Compararea impactului preparatelor enzimatice lipolitice asupra degresãrii şi înmuierii suplimentare a pieilor porcine ş ovine descãrnate
  • Theoretical analysis for the safe form and dosage of amygdalin product
  • Semi-empirical methods for determining critical temperature
  • A T L A S - Interpretable prognosis for susceptibility to active anti-cancer molecular forms, based on amides/carboxylic acids - hydrolysis derivatives of natural nitrile glycosides, of transcriptome cell lines inherent in tumors
  • Modeling the thermodynamics of fires
  • Predicting the occurrence of combustion in the production of polyurethane foam during the storage process for tempering. Molecular quantum-thermodynamic characterization of the main and accompanying secondary chemical reactions
  • Applied adaptation of structural-theoretical to semi-empirical methods for determination of critical temperature
  • Theoretical study of the process of passage of glycoside amides through the cell membrane of cancer cell
  • Investigation of some factors from the technological processing of leather for upholstery of car seats on their flammability
  • Symmetric properties of prime numbers. Compromising their cryptographic stability
  • Theoretical study of anticancer activity of glycoside amides
  • Theoretical Analysis of Anticancer Cellular Effects of Glycoside Amides
  • Theoretical study of anticancer activity of glycoside amides [ second supplemented edition ]
  • Deep learning in solving applied problems of non-equilibrium thermodynamics

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