Thomas Vanneste


  • Forest understorey communities respond strongly to light in interaction with forest structure, but not to microclimate warming
  • Trade-offs of biodiversity and ecosystem services in European forest edges vs interiors
  • Functional trait variation of forest understorey plant communities across Europe
  • Correction to: Impact of climate change on alpine vegetation of mountain summits in Norway
  • Vegetation change on mountaintops in northern Sweden: Stable vascular‐plant but reordering of lichen and bryophyte communities
  • Different effects of warming treatments in forests versus hedgerows on the understorey plant Geum urbanum
  • The use of photos to investigate ecological change
  • Trait variation in juvenile plants from the soil seed bank of temperate forests in relation to macro‐ and microclimate
  • Taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity of understorey plants respond differently to environmental conditions in European forest edges
  • Small scale environmental variation modulates plant defence syndromes of understorey plants in deciduous forests of Europe
  • Plant diversity in hedgerows and road verges across Europe
  • Hedging against biodiversity loss: Forest herbs’ performance in hedgerows across temperate Europe
  • Edge influence on understorey plant communities depends on forest management
  • Impact of climate change on alpine vegetation of mountain summits in Norway
  • Contrasting microclimates among hedgerows and woodlands across temperate Europe
  • Biomass Expansion Factors for Hedgerow-Grown Trees Derived from Terrestrial LiDAR
  • On the measurement of microclimate
  • Temperature effects on forest understorey plants in hedgerows: a combined warming and transplant experiment
  • Trait–micro‐environment relationships of forest herb communities across Europe
  • Trade-offs in biodiversity and ecosystem services between edges and interiors in European forests
  • Forest canopies as nature‐based solutions to mitigate global change effects on people and nature

Thomas Vanneste's public data