Thomas Pienkowski


  • Alien invasions and livelihoods: Economic benefits of invasive Australian Red Claw crayfish in Jamaica
  • Assessing the status of an artisanal shrimp fishery in a Ramsar wetland in Jamaica: The effects of seasonality, extreme La Niña episodes and elevated temperature on landings
  • The impact of gold mining and agricultural concessions on the tree cover and local communities in northern Myanmar
  • Empirical evidence of the public health benefits of tropical forest conservation in Cambodia: a generalised linear mixed-effects model analysis
  • A global meta-analysis of the economic values of provisioning and cultural ecosystem services
  • Linking forests, deforestation, and nutritional outcomes: an observational study in nine African countries
  • Ethical Publishing in Biodiversity Conservation Science
  • Conservation cost‐effectiveness: a review of the evidence base
  • The role of nature conservation and commercial farming in psychological distress among rural Ugandans
  • Balancing making a difference with making a living in the conservation sector
  • Designing locally-appropriate conservation incentives for small-scale fishers
  • Protecting those who protect nature by supporting conservationists’ mental wellbeing
  • Personal traits predict conservationists’ optimism about outcomes for nature

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