Tetyana Kolesnykova, PhD of Social Communications, Director of the Scientific and Technical Library of Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan (Ukraine). Received higher education (Library and Information Faculty) and completed postgraduate studies from the Kharkov State Academy of Culture. The theme of PhD thesis is “Communicative models of higher educational institution libraries’ activity in the conditions of informatization” for specialty “Bibliology, library science, and bibliography” (2012). Academic interests are the introduction of new digital initiatives in university libraries, which provide an opportunity to expand the scope of research and education, to improve the quality of education and provide new forms of information and interaction between research and education communications. The main directions of scientific research and the practical implementation of their results in recent years aimed at establishing a new model of scientific library activity “Library as a publisher of electronic scientific publications”, on improvement of bases of informative analytics and holding of the biblio-scientific research in the field of library science and transportation science. Tetyana Kolesnykova is the scientific secretary of the Editorial Board of Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan and executive secretary edition of the scientific journal “Science and Transport Progress” (since 2012 – Research supervisor of research works which registered in UkrISTEI (Ukrainian Institute for Scientific, Technical and Economic Information), on the following theme – “Informatization of the university library as a factor of formation of the communication activity” (№ DR 0110U007508; 2009-2010) and “University library and the transformation of the scholarly communication system” (№ DR 0114U002412; 2013-2015). Tetyana Kolesnykova is the scientific co-editor of monographs “University library on the new stage of social communication development” (2010 - and “University library: a new field of information interactions” (2014). For contribution to the development of national culture, science, library and information affairs Tetyana Kolesnykova has the distinction on State and Regional levels, and also Ukrainian Library Association “For loyalty to librarianship” (2012) and “For the development of librarianship in the region” (2013). She has more than 50 scientific publications

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