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  • Environmental implication of nitrogen isotopic composition in ornithogenic sediments from the Ross Sea region, East Antarctica: δ15N as a new proxy for avian influence
  • A noble gas and 87Sr/86Sr study in fluids of the Los Azufres geothermal field, Mexico – Assessing impact of exploitation and constraining heat sources
  • One Step toward Developing Knowledge from Numbers in Regional Analysis of Water Quality
  • Engaging over data on fracking and water quality
  • Big Groundwater Data Sets Reveal Possible Rare Contamination Amid Otherwise Improved Water Quality for Some Analytes in a Region of Marcellus Shale Development
  • Monitoring Stray Natural Gas in Groundwater With Dissolved Nitrogen. An Example From Parker County, Texas
  • Three Principles to Use in Streamlining Water Quality Research through Data Uniformity
  • Assessing changes in groundwater chemistry in landscapes with more than 100 years of oil and gas development
  • Methane concentrations in streams reveal gas leak discharges in regions of oil, gas, and coal development
  • Methane concentrations in streams reveal gas leak discharges in regions of oil, gas, and coal development
  • The future low-temperature geochemical data-scape as envisioned by the U.S. geochemical community
  • Targeted Source Detection for Environmental Data
  • Gas well integrity and methane migration: evaluation of published evidence during shale-gas development in the USA
  • CO2 sequestration by mineral trapping in natural analogues in the Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea
  • Assessing Contamination of Stream Networks near Shale Gas Development Using a New Geospatial Tool
  • Geochemical Evidence of Potential Groundwater Contamination with Human Health Risks Where Hydraulic Fracturing Overlaps with Extensive Legacy Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Detecting and explaining why aquifers occasionally become degraded near hydraulically fractured shale gas wells
  • A Vision for the Future Low-Temperature Geochemical Data-scape
  • Machine learning deciphers CO2 sequestration and subsurface flowpaths from stream chemistry
  • Supplementary material to "Machine Learning Deciphers CO2 Sequestration and Subsurface Flowpaths from Stream Chemistry"
  • Exploring the trend of stream sulfate concentrations as U.S. power plants shift from coal to shale gas
  • Exploring How to Use Groundwater Chemistry to Identify Migration of Methane near Shale Gas Wells in the Appalachian Basin
  • Groundwater age investigation of eskers in the Amos region, Quebec, Canada
  • Constraining groundwater flow in the glacial drift and saginaw aquifers in the Michigan Basin through helium concentrations and isotopic ratios
  • Assessing compositional variability and migration of natural gas in the Antrim Shale in the Michigan Basin using noble gas geochemistry
  • Methane Sources and Migration Mechanisms in Shallow Groundwaters in Parker and Hood Counties, Texas—A Heavy Noble Gas Analysis
  • Characterizing the Noble Gas Isotopic Composition of the Barnett Shale and Strawn Group and Constraining the Source of Stray Gas in the Trinity Aquifer, North-Central Texas
  • Detecting anomalous methane in groundwater within hydrocarbon production areas across the United States
  • Machine Learning Deciphers CO2 Sequestration and Subsurface Flowpaths from Stream Chemistry
  • Using a neural network – Physics-based hybrid model to predict soil reaction fronts
  • Road Salting and Natural Brine Migration Revealed as Major Sources of Groundwater Contamination Across Regions of Northern Appalachia With and Without Unconventional Oil and Gas Development
  • Knowledge-based Residual Learning
  • Editorial: New advances in light oil/condensate geochemistry
  • Noble gases in shallow aquifers preserve signatures of boiling events beneath Weishan volcano of Wudalianchi volcanic field, northeast China
  • Chloride-salinity as indicator of the chemical composition of groundwater: empirical predictive model based on aquifers in Southern Quebec, Canada
  • A review of machine learning in geochemistry and cosmochemistry: Method improvements and applications
  • The dichotomy in noble gas signatures linked to tectonic deformation in Wufeng-Longmaxi Shale, Sichuan Basin
  • Linking Stream Chemistry to Subsurface Redox Architecture
  • Environmental risks and opportunities of orphaned oil and gas wells in the United States

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