Susan Bastani

Professor (Social Sciences), Department of social sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Economicsو (Social Science)

Alzahra University, Vanak, Tehran, Iran

Susan Bastani is a professor in the Department of Social Sciences at Alzahra University. She received her B.A. in Social Sciences and her M.A. in Sociology from Tehran University, Iran, and her Ph.D., also in Sociology, from the University of Toronto, Canada. Her research interests focus on “social networks”, “online and offline communities”, and “gender issues”. Her current research includes Iran and the Internet (2020), which studies how the Internet influences the social, political, cultural, and economic behavior of Iranians. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Sociological Association.


  • bastani
  • A fuzzy intelligent information agent architecture for supply chains
  • Communal institutions for the management of rangeland resources and dairy production in Taleghan Valley, Northern Iran
  • Overlapping community detection model in collaborative networks
  • Evaluating coordination in emergency response team by using fuzzy logic through social network analysis
  • Fuzzy duocentric community detection model in social networks
  • Dual centers fuzzy type-2 clustering
  • A fuzzy classification using a Type-2 fuzzy model in social networks
  • Fuzzy type-2 c-ellipses clustering
  • Crisp to fuzzy ontology conversion in the context of social networks: A new approach
  • A fuzzy rule-based expert system for evaluating intellectual capital
  • The effect of internet usage on interpersonal relationships: A case study
  • Mapping Crisp Structural Semantic Similarity Measures to Fuzzy Context: A Generic Approach
  • Family comes first: Men's and women's personal networks in Tehran
  • General type-2 fuzzy degree of nodes in multi-central social networks set NAFIPS co-authorship network
  • Evaluation of coordination of emergency response team through the social network analysis. Case study: Oil and gas refinery
  • Using Fuzzy Ontology to Improve Similarity Assessment: Method and Evaluation
  • A type-2 fuzzy community detection model in large-scale social networks considering two-layer graphs
  • Fuzzy community detection model in social networks
  • Applying social network analysis to evaluate preparedness through coordination and trust in emergency management
  • Fuzzy models for link prediction in social networks
  • Fuzzy community detection on the basis of similarities in structural/attribute in large-scale social networks

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