Sue Fletcher-Watson

Professor of Developmental Psychology (Psychology)

Edinburgh, UK


  • Designing AAC systems for children with autism: Evidence from eye tracking research
  • The Search for an Early Intervention Outcome Measurement Tool in Autism
  • Rapid detection of person information in a naturalistic scene
  • What do parents of children with autism expect from participation in research? A community survey about early autism studies
  • A latent measure explains substantial variance in white matter microstructure across the newborn human brain
  • The potential of eye-tracking as a sensitive measure of behavioural change in response to intervention
  • Mental health on screen: a DSM-5 dissection of portrayals of Autism Spectrum Disorders in film and TV
  • Preterm birth is associated with atypical social orienting in infancy detected using eye tracking
  • Designing for young children with autism spectrum disorder: A case study of an iPad app
  • Hand in hand
  • Eye movements in autism spectrum disorder
  • From cradle to stage: How early years performing arts experiences are tailored to the developmental capabilities of babies and toddlers
  • A Targeted Review of Computer-Assisted Learning for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Towards a Consistent Methodology
  • Siblings’ experiences of growing up with children with autism in Taiwan and the United Kingdom
  • An International Survey of Parental Attitudes to Technology Use by Their Autistic Children at Home
  • Attenuation of change blindness in children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Emotion recognition training in autism spectrum disorder: A systematic review of challenges related to generalizability
  • Pros and Cons of Character Portrayals of Autism on TV and Film
  • Brief report: Young adults with autism spectrum disorder show normal attention to eye-gaze information-evidence from a new change blindness paradigm
  • Influences on the psychosocial adjustment of siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder in Taiwan and the United Kingdom
  • Autism and bilingualism: A qualitative interview study of parents’ perspectives and experiences
  • Building capacity for rigorous controlled trials in autism: The importance of measuring treatment adherence
  • Eye movements affirm: Automatic overt gaze and arrow cueing for typical adults and adults with autism spectrum disorder
  • Attitudes of the autism community to early autism research
  • The development of change blindness: Children's attentional priorities whilst viewing naturalistic scenes
  • What can eye-tracking tell us?
  • Do people with autistic spectrum disorder show normal selection for attention? Evidence from change blindness
  • Social interest in high-functioning adults with autism spectrum disorders
  • Use of early intervention for young children with autism spectrum disorder across Europe
  • Atypical saccadic scanning in autistic spectrum disorder
  • The Role of the Broader Autism Phenotype and Environmental Stressors in the Adjustment of Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Taiwan and the United Kingdom
  • Diversity computing
  • A review of methods in the study of attention in autism
  • Relations between specific and global outcome measures in a social-communication intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder
  • Eye-movements reveal attention to social information in autism spectrum disorder
  • Interventions based on the Theory of Mind cognitive model for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Evidence-based technology design and commercialisation: Recommendations derived from research in education and autism
  • Facilitating pretend play in autistic children: Results from an augmented reality app evaluation
  • A trial of an iPad™ intervention targeting social communication skills in children with autism
  • Making the future together: Shaping autism research through meaningful participation
  • Multiple Measures of Fixation on Social Content in Infancy: Evidence for a Single Social Cognitive Construct?
  • A trial of an iPad™ intervention targeting social communication skills in children with autism

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