Subhajit Ganguly

Researcher, author
Subhajit Ganguly is a physicist whose areas of expertise include the Theory of Abstraction. His contribution to the theory is noteworthy, to say the least. The other areas of science, that he has made notable contributions to include astronomy, mathematics and the Chaos Theory. Zero-postulation is a new concept he has introduced to the theorizing process in sciences. He has also made noteworthy contribution towards deciphering the Indus Valley Civilization script.


  • Abstraction in Theory - Laws of Physical Transaction: Theory of Everything (Book) -- ISBN-13: 978-1475072495
  • Call Of The Lost Ages: A Study Of The Indus Valley Script (Book) -- ISBN-13: 978-1477504543
  • The World with Zero Postulation (Book) -- ISBN-13: 978-1499285505
  • Abstraction in Theory:Zero Postulation Results: Theory of Everything (Book - 2) -- ISBN: 978-1500216764

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