I am inspired by non-human species, and seek to better understand the diverse relationships that form/exist between humans/non-humans. I have spent a lot of time mapping features of our waterscapes across the globe, including those of natural/built environments. I enjoy mapping and helping create spatial products that can support research, practice, and policy in relation to our natural/built environments, particularly associated with fresh waters. I also enjoy sharing about my own as well as others’ experiences with rivers and other enviornments, which I have primarily explored through writing poetry and multimedia projects/workshops. Much of the work shared on this Figshare was generated through collaborations with colleagues around the world, many of which were built with team members of the Freshwater Interdisciplinary Research and Engagement Lab, which I led from Jan 2018-Nov 2022 at Swansea University, Wales.

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Sukhmani Mantel

Senior Researcher - Makhanda, South Africa

Sukhmani Mantel

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