Sorush Niknamian

Clinical Oncologist and Surgeon (Military Medical Dep.) (Health sciences; Biological sciences; Engineering; Psychology; Earth sciences; Environmental sciences)


MAJ Dr. Sorush Niknamian MD PhD CRFM PE APA_FPD OMS-IV AICP MWSES MLPI MACRO MTMA MRSB FIMS FChE EMBS FNNECOS FTSCO ANCC, AANP, ACPE, ACHE, ADA MCERP APA FMDCSCO FSASS SIAG/MPE - Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology and Oncology and Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Oncology and Biological Attacks. He is a Professional Biologist, Senior Research Scientist, Chartered Scientist and Registered His Science Council ID is: A-0008833. He is one of United Kingdom and Indiana Cancer Consortium (ICC) certified. He is a Registered Researcher in the U.S. Government's System for Award Management, Registered Scientist at National Center for Biotechnology Information. He has studied Military Medicine at Liberty University (LU), Lynchburg, VA, United States of America. He holds bachelor’s dedgree in Mechatronics Engineering, applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering and Management. He is a Member of US Government National Science Foundation, Member of Hera Swiss Volunteers (ID: 198036),


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