Simone Marchi


  • Long-lived volcanic resurfacing of Venus driven by early collisions
  • Widespread impact-generated porosity in early planetary crusts
  • Determining the Relative Cratering Ages of Regions of Psyche’s Surface
  • Formation of Lunar Basins from Impacts of Leftover Planetesimals
  • Hypervelocity Impact Experiments in Iron‐Nickel Ingots and Iron Meteorites: Implications for the NASA Psyche Mission
  • Shape Models of Lucy Targets (3548) Eurybates and (21900) Orus from Disk-integrated Photometry
  • Localized aliphatic organic material on the surface of Ceres
  • Delayed and variable late Archaean atmospheric oxidation due to high collision rates on Earth
  • Correction to: Determining the Relative Cratering Ages of Regions of Psyche’s Surface
  • Momentum Enhancement from a 3 cm Diameter Aluminum Sphere Striking a Small Boulder Assembly at 5.4 km s−1
  • Benchmarking iSALE and CTH shock physics codes to in situ high-velocity impact experiments into Fe-Ni targets
  • An aqueously altered carbon-rich Ceres
  • Ceres’ Broad‐Scale Surface Geomorphology Largely Due To Asymmetric Internal Convection
  • Benchmarking iSALE and CTH Shock Physics Codes to In Situ High‐Velocity Impact Experiments Into Fe‐Ni Targets
  • Lucy in the sky with Trojan asteroids
  • Vesta’s many ties to Earth
  • Impact heat driven volatile redistribution at Occator crater on Ceres as a comparative planetary process
  • Impact-driven mobilization of deep crustal brines on dwarf planet Ceres
  • The Chaotic Terrains of Mercury Reveal a History of Planetary Volatile Retention and Loss in the Innermost Solar System
  • Formation of Lunar Basins from Impacts of Leftover Planetesimals
  • Replenishment of Near‐Surface Water Ice by Impacts Into Ceres' Volatile‐Rich Crust: Observations by Dawn's Gamma Ray and Neutron Detector
  • Surface Geology of Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids
  • Ceres Crater Degradation Inferred From Concentric Fracturing
  • The Collisional Evolution of the Primordial Kuiper Belt, Its Destabilized Population, and the Trojan Asteroids
  • Massive impact-induced release of carbon and sulfur gases in the early Earth's atmosphere
  • Interpreting the Cratering Histories of Bennu, Ryugu, and Other Spacecraft-explored Asteroids
  • Evidence for the Interior Evolution of Ceres from Geologic Analysis of Fractures
  • Morphological Indicators of a Mascon Beneath Ceres's Largest Crater, Kerwan
  • Nature, formation, and distribution of carbonates on Ceres
  • Water Vapor Contribution to Ceres' Exosphere From Observed Surface Ice and Postulated Ice‐Exposing Impacts
  • An endogenic origin of cerean organics
  • A compositionally heterogeneous martian mantle due to late accretion
  • Observations, Meteorites, and Models: A Preflight Assessment of the Composition and Formation of (16) Psyche
  • Detection of a Satellite of the Trojan Asteroid (3548) Eurybates—A Lucy Mission Target
  • A re-assessment of the Kuiper belt size distribution for sub-kilometer objects
  • The NASA Lucy Mission: Surveying the Diversity of Trojan Asteroids
  • Ganymede’s Cratering Record
  • An Integrated Geologic Map of the Rembrandt Basin, on Mercury, as a Starting Point for Stratigraphic Analysis
  • A New Martian Crater Chronology: Implications for Jezero Crater
  • Replenishment of near-surface water ice by impacts into Ceres' volatile-rich crust: Observations by Dawn's Gamma Ray and Neutron Detector
  • Ganymede Cratering Record
  • The Orbit and Density of the Jupiter Trojan Satellite System Eurybates–Queta
  • Lucy Mission to the Trojan Asteroids: Science Goals
  • Lucy Mission to the Trojan Asteroids: Instrumentation and Encounter Concept of Operations
  • Vestiges of impact-driven three-phase mixing in the chemistry and structure of Earth’s mantle
  • The geology and evolution of a the Near-Earth binary asteroid system (65803) Didymos.
  • Trojan Asteroid Satellites, Rings, and Activity
  • A Crater Chronology for the Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids
  • Imaging Lunar Craters with the Lucy Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (L’LORRI): A Resolution Test for NASA's Lucy Mission
  • Buoyant Impact Partial Melts on Ancient Mars
  • Impact‐Generated Permeability and Hydrothermal Circulation at the Vredefort Impact Structure, South Africa
  • Lucy Observations of the DART Impact Event
  • JWST Near-infrared Spectroscopy of the Lucy Jupiter Trojan Flyby Targets: Evidence for OH Absorption, Aliphatic Organics, and CO2
  • The Bombardment History of the Giant Planet Satellites
  • Impact‐Generated Fragmentation, Porosity, and Permeability Within the Chicxulub Impact Structure
  • Ganymede’s Cratering Record
  • A contact binary satellite of the asteroid (152830) Dinkinesh
  • The Dynamical State of the Dinkinesh - Selam Binary
  • Shape model of asteroid (152830) Dinkinesh from LUCY imagery
  • Modeling of the Impact‐Generated Hydrothermal System at the Haughton Impact Structure

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