Silvia G. Tavares

Visiting Researcher at ILS (Germany), PhD Candidate at Lincoln University (New Zealand) (Design not elsewhere classified)

Aachen, Germany

I am a visiting researcher at the ILS (Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development) in Aachen (Germany), and a PhD Candidate in Urban Landscape at Lincoln University, in Christchurch (New Zealand). I have a Masters in Building and Urban Habitability (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 2007) and a Bachelor in Architecture and Urban Design (Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Brazil, 2003). I was a member of the 48 Hour Design Challenge (2011) winning team for the Gloucester Street Site – competition focused on proposals for rebuilding Christchurch Central City post-earthquake – and received a ‘Highly Recommended Research’ mention at the Lincoln University Post Graduate Conference in 2011. My professional experience is based upon architectural and urban design, mainly focused on urban landscape, lighting, building science, research and teaching. I have also lectured at the Universidade Federal do Tocantins (Brazil, 2008-2010), where I was the Coordinator of the Building Science Laboratory (2009-2010), and Head of the Culture Department (2008-2009).


  • A combined methodology for investigating urban comfort in a city undergoing post-disaster transitions ISBN: 978-0-9853013-3-0
  • Expression of city edges in different cultures and its influence on urban landscape design
  • Sustainability, microclimate and culture in post-earthquake Christchurch ISBN: 978-0-473-24360-9
  • The socio-cultural meaning of urban comfort and its implications for urban landscape design ISBN: 9780985301316
  • A relação entre urbanidade e clima na configuração de uma paisagem cultural em Palmas ISBN: 9788588341272
  • Estudos bioclimáticos e tecnologias para elaboração de projeto arquitetônico em Palmas (TO)
  • Brazilian Solar Arquiteture: An analysis of MESP daylighting system ISBN: 978-3-540-75997-3
  • Daylight simulation in buildings ISBN: 781905254347
  • Climate Analysis and Strategies for Bioclimatic Design Purposes ISBN: 781905254347
  • Simulação computacional para projeto de iluminação em arquitetura
  • Parametric Lighting Studies ISBN: 294015631

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