Sarina Kilham

Lecturer in Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology (Sustainable agricultural development; Rural sociology; Social change; Cultural geography)



  • Ethics in fieldwork
  • Farmers, Autonomy and Biodiesel:
  • The role and capacity of Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) as policy advocates for disability inclusive DRR in Indonesia
  • Mapping of organisations in Indonesia in disaster risk reduction (MOIDRR)
  • Autonomy and assets of smallholder farmers
  • Farmers, Autonomy and Biodiesel
  • Re-imagining farmer’s livelihoods through the lens of autonomy
  • Food-SCAN Toolkit: Mapping Social Innovation in Local Food Systems
  • Food-SCAN Tool: Sticker Sheets
  • Food-SCAN Tool: Mapping Social Innovation in Local Food Systems
  • What's Sociology got to do with it?
  • Biodiesel in Brazil: Antônio Nascimento de Sena and Carlos Magalhaes Sena
  • Biodiesel in Brazil: Raimundo de Jesus Santos
  • Biodiesel in Brazil: Antonio Luiz da Silva Guabiraba
  • Biodiesel in Brazil: Carla Costa do Nascimento
  • Biodiesel in Brazil: Valdelice da Exaltação Andrade
  • Concept of a framework to define economic and social costs and benefits of regenerative farming systems
  • Teaching Extension in Higher Education in Australia
  • Conceptual maps of urban food system innovations and impact pathways
  • Social Sustainability in Biodiesel Production: Brazil and Timor-Leste
  • Food justice, autonomy and livelihoods
  • Farmers, autonomy and sustainable rural livelihoods

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