Santiago José Elías Velazco

PhD (Community ecology (excl. invasive species ecology))

Instituto de Biología Subtropical, (Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Arg)


  • bdc : A toolkit for standardizing, integrating and cleaning biodiversity data
  • Dealing with overprediction in species distribution models: How adding distance constraints can improve model accuracy
  • Quantifying the role of protected areas for safeguarding the uses of biodiversity
  • Effects of selective logging, fragmentation, and dominance of bamboos on the structure and diversity of Araucaria Forest fragments
  • Small but important: The woody vegetation communities on the sandstone outcrops of Teyú Cuaré (Misiones, Argentina),Pequeños pero importantes: Las comunidades de vegetales leñosas de los afloramientos de arenisca de Teyú Cuaré (Misiones, Argentina)
  • Identifying target species and seed sources for the restoration of threatened trees in southern Brazil
  • Overprediction of species distribution models in conservation planning: A still neglected issue with strong effects
  • Dung beetle trophic ecology: are we misunderstanding resources attraction?
  • Floristic and phytosociology in a semideciduous seasonal forest - osununú private reserve, Misiones, Argentina,Florística e fitossociologia de uma floresta estacional semidecidual, reserva privada Osununú-Misiones, Argentina
  • Morphological characterization of fruits, seeds, seedlings and germination of Oreopanax fulvus Marchal,Caracterização morfológica de frutos, sementes, plântulas e germinação de Oreopanax fulvus Marchal
  • Cerrados in Argentina? Structure, diversity and biogeography of the woody component of a savanna in the Misiones Province
  • Influence of Pinus taeda plantation on the seed bank in an Araucaria Rainforest region,Influência de povoamento de Pinus taeda sobre o banco de sementes na região de Floresta Ombrófila Mista
  • Climate and land-use changes coupled with low coverage of protected areas threaten palm species in South Brazilian grasslands
  • flexsdm : An r package for supporting a comprehensive and flexible species distribution modelling workflow
  • Phenological patterns of Oreopanax fulvus (Araliaceae) in remnants of Araucaria Rainforest in Paraná, Brazil
  • Prioritizing Areas for Primate Conservation in Argentina
  • Preserving the woody plant tree of life in China under future climate and land-cover changes
  • Rarity, geography, and plant exposure to global change in the California Floristic Province
  • Using worldwide edaphic data to model plant species niches: An assessment at a continental extent
  • A dark scenario for Cerrado plant species: Effects of future climate, land use and protected areas ineffectiveness
  • Logging Contractors’ Growth in the Southern Cone: An Analysis of Contractor Business Strategies, Innovation, and Mechanization
  • Niche mismatches can impair our ability to predict potential invasions
  • ENMTML: An R package for a straightforward construction of complex ecological niche models
  • On opportunities and threats to conserve the phylogenetic diversity of Neotropical palms
  • Predicting current and future global distribution of invasive Ligustrum lucidum W.T. Aiton: Assessing emerging risks to biodiversity hotspots
  • fertilization, pruning and controlled fires on the growth of Feijoa sellowiana (O. Berg) O. Berg.
  • Hidden abundance in an urban forest remnant – a key to the survival of a threatened species in southern Brazil
  • Transboundary conservation opportunities for Cerrado's plant species
  • Demography and spatial distribution of a threatened species from the Atlantic Forest in southern Brazil: differences between urban and rural remnants
  • bdc: A toolkit for standardizing, integrating and cleaning biodiversity data
  • flexsdm: An r package for supporting a comprehensive and flexible species distribution modelling workflow
  • Paraná state’s strategic areas for biodiversity conservation and restoration include the majority of threatened plant species in the most degraded phytogeographic units
  • How far can I extrapolate my species distribution model? Exploring shape, a novel method

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