Samin Aref

Assistant Professor


  • The use of a GERT based method to model concurrent product development processes
  • Preface
  • Analysing scientific collaborations of New Zealand institutions using scopus bibliometric data
  • Measuring partial balance in signed networks
  • A Green Perspective on Capacitated Time-dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
  • Dynamic Rescheduling in Flexible Manufacturing Systems under Disruptions
  • Hub Location under Uncertainty: a Minimax Regret Model for the Capacitated Problem with Multiple Allocations
  • Signed networks from sociology and political science, systems biology, international relations, finance, and computational chemistry
  • Network of scientific collaborations between New Zealand institutions based on Scopus publications from 2010 to 2015
  • Signed Network Structural Analysis and Applications​ with a Focus on Balance Theory
  • Multi-Leg Air Cargo Capacity Control
  • Demography in the Digital Era: New Data Sources for Population Research
  • A Dynamic Programming Approach for Network Air Cargo Revenue Management
  • Computing the line index of balance using integer programming optimisation
  • Balance and frustration in signed networks
  • Developing an integrated revenue management and customer relationship management approach in the hotel industry
  • Epidemiological and biomechanical evaluation of airline baggage handling
  • Multi-echelon Supply Chain Flexibility Enhancement Through Detecting Bottlenecks
  • Summary of Tutorials at The Web Conference 2021
  • Evaluating the Security and Economic Effects of Moving Target Defense Techniques on the Cloud
  • Detecting coalitions by optimally partitioning signed networks of political collaboration
  • Multilevel structural evaluation of signed directed social networks based on balance theory
  • Return migration of German-affiliated researchers: analyzing departure and return by gender, cohort, and discipline using Scopus bibliometric data 1996–2020
  • A modeling and computational study of the frustration index in signed networks
  • The Demography of the Peripatetic Researcher: Evidence on Highly Mobile Scholars from the Web of Science
  • Brain drain and brain gain in Russia: Analyzing international migration of researchers by discipline using Scopus bibliometric data 1996–2020
  • Heuristic Modularity Maximization Algorithms for Community Detection Rarely Return an Optimal Partition or Anything Similar
  • Analyzing modularity maximization in approximation, heuristic, and graph neural network algorithms for community detection

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