S L Sheehy

Accelerator Physicist (Particle physics)

Oxfordshire, UK

Suzie is a physicist with a passion for research and communication in accelerator, particle and nuclear physics. Her scientific work spans from learning about the fundamental building blocks of the universe to applying new ideas to help solve global challenges in health and energy. She studied physics at the University of Melbourne (BSc, Hons) in her native Australia and in 2007 moved to the UK to the University of Oxford where she specialised in particle accelerator research (DPhil, Particle Physics, 2010). She was then awarded the prestigious Brunel Fellowship from the 1851 Royal Commission from 2010-2013 to pursue research into the design of novel accelerators for high power proton applications. Suzie is currently based in the ASTeC Intense Beams Group at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK, where she is involved in designing, experimenting and understanding new and challenging particle accelerators. Suzie is also passionate about the promotion and communication of science, for which she has received a number of awards and has presented lectures at the Royal Institution, Institute of Physics, at science festivals and in schools around the UK.

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