Rocco De Marco

Computer Scientist (Earth sciences; Engineering)

Ancona, Italy

Computer scientist working at the Institute for Marine Biological Resources and Biotechnology of the National Research Council, Ancona, Italy Principal research fields: passive acoustic monitoring of cetacean, marine sediment analysis, marine pollutants, underwater autonomous devices, data sampling and trasmission.


  • Estimating selectivity of experimental diamond (T0) and turned mesh (T90) codends in multi-species Mediterranean bottom trawl
  • Sources and Metal Pollution of Sediments from a Coastal Area of the Central Western Adriatic Sea (Southern Marche Region, Italy)
  • Sensitivity of foraminiferal-based indices to evaluate the ecological quality status of marine coastal benthic systems: A case study of the Gulf of Manfredonia (southern Adriatic Sea)
  • New records of Albunea carabus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Decapoda: Anomura: Hippoidea) in the Tyrrhenian Sea, with notes on its ecology and distribution in the Italian seas
  • Mercury content in central and southern adriatic sea sediments in relation to seafloor geochemistry and sedimentology
  • Impact on Macro-Benthic Communities of Hydraulic Dredging for Razor Clam Ensis minor in the Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Major Role of Surrounding Environment in Shaping Biofilm Community Composition on Marine Plastic Debris
  • Geochemical and geophysical monitoring of hydrocarbon seepage in the adriatic sea
  • Bacterioplankton diversity and distribution in relation to phytoplankton community structure in the Ross Sea surface waters
  • Bacterioplankton Diversity and Distribution in Relation to Phytoplankton Community Structure in the Ross Sea Surface Waters
  • A low-cost approach in acoustic monitoring of dolphin presence
  • Understanding the Distributions of Benthic Foraminifera in the Adriatic Sea with Gradient Forest and Structural Equation Models
  • Every animal matters! Evaluating the selectivity of a Mediterranean bottom trawl fishery from a species community perspective
  • The Development of a Low-Cost Hydrophone for Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Dolphin’s Vocalizations
  • A WAV file dataset of bottlenose dolphin whistles, clicks, and pulse sounds during trawling interactions

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