Ray Rivers

Emeritus Professor and Research Fellow (Physical sciences)

Imperial College London

I split my research life between social network analysis, particularly as a theoretical archaeologist, and quantum physics. As a quantum physicist my emphasis has been on the non-equilibrium and transitional behaviour of quantum systems. Perhaps surprisingly, the techniques developed here lend themselves to social network models when these encode some form of optimal behaviour. In quantum physics I have collaborations in the study of superconductors, Josephson junctions and cold fermi gases. In social networks I have a long-standing collaboration with Dr Tim Evans (Imperial College London) and archaeologist Prof Carl Knappett (U. of Toronto). Begun under the aegis of the EU ISCOM consortium (Information Society as a Complex System) the thrust of my work has been with Aegean and Mediterranean maritime networks of the Bronze Age with emphasis on the methodology of model making. My use of Figshare is restricted to my work on social networks and archaeology, since my quantum activities are well-covered on the arXiv. At the moment the uploads here consist of presentations at meetings and those proceedings that are difficult to find. Details of Journal articles and monograph chapters can be found on my personal website at .

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