Piotr Marek Smolnicki

PhD Candidate (Urban and regional planning not elsewhere classified)

Gdańsk, Poland

Trying to connect two separated worlds of transportation and urban planning for better future.


  • Smolnicki, P. M. (2014). Potentials of water usage in urban neighbourhood structures. In A. Brandeis (Ed.), Proceedings of the 50th ISOCARP Congress (pp. 941–949).
  • Smolnicki, P. M., & Sołtys, J. (2016). Driverless Mobility: The Impact on Metropolitan Spatial Structures. working paper.
  • Smolnicki, P. M., & Sołtys, J. (2016). Car-sharing: The impact on metropolitan spatial structures. working paper.
  • Smolnicki, P. M. (2015). The influence of modern technologies on spatial structures. In M. Czubenko & M. Tatara (Eds.), BioTech Conference 2014. PhD Interdisciplinary Journal. Special Issue. BIOTech Conference 2014 (1st ed., pp. 67–75).
  • Smolnicki, P. M. (2015). Aquaponics Based Artificial Biosphere Included In Architecture. In A. Fikfak (Ed.): Book of conference proceedings, Keeping up with technologies to make healthy places. (pp. 288–296). Ljubljana.
  • Smolnicki, P. M., Hinca, A., Tranda, B., Wilde, A., Wolska, A., & Zajączkowska, K. (2015). What Kind of City are we Building? What Kind of City do we Want to Build? In H. Obracht-Prondzyńska & S. Ledwoń (Eds.), Urban Transformations. The Hague.

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