Nobuko Miyairi

Regional Director, Asia Pacific
Tokyo, Japan
Nobuko Miyairi is Regional Director, Asia Pacific for ORCID (, based in Tokyo, Japan. She joined ORCID as full-time in July 2015 after serving as their Outreach Steering Group member for over two years. Nobuko builds relationships with stakeholders across Asia Pacific, including research institutions, publishers and funding bodies, to expand ORCID adoption and awareness in the research community and contribute to the advancement of scholarly communication and information management. Prior to joining ORCID, Nobuko held positions at Scholarly & Scientific Research business of Thomson Reuters, and most recently at Nature Publishing Group as Consultant/Analyst, Asia Pacific, providing solutions for research management and promotions. As a librarian by training, Nobuko brings an extensive working knowledge in needs-based consultancy and information management. She earned an MLIS from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and is fluent in Japanese and English.


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  • インパクトファクター偏重からの脱却

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