Mauricio Vancine

Ecologist (Landscape ecology)

Rio Claro, SP, Brazil

I am a PhD student at the Department of Biodiversity of the São Paulo State University, São Paulo, Brazil. I have interested in spatial ecology, landscape ecology, quantitative ecology, species distribution models (SDMs), amphibian ecology, statistics, and geocomputation


  • Predicting the potential hybridization zones between native and invasive marmosets within Neotropical biodiversity hotspots
  • Forest cover influences occurrence of mammalian carnivores within Brazilian Atlantic Forest
  • Land-use changes and the expansion of biofuel crops threaten the giant anteater in southeastern Brazil
  • Host diversity outperforms climate as a global driver of symbiont diversity in the bird‐feather mite system
  • Análises ecológicas no R
  • Dinâmica da paisagem e fragmentação de ecossistemas em três bacias hidrográficas na Amazônia Oriental entre 1985 e 2019
  • Forest cover and connectivity have pervasive effects on the maintenance of evolutionary distinct interactions in seed dispersal networks
  • Spatial prediction of risk areas for vector transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi in the State of Paraná, southern Brazil
  • A note on the territorial limits of the Atlantic forest,Uma nota sobre os limites territoriais da mata Atlântica
  • ATLANTIC AMPHIBIANS: a data set of amphibian communities from the Atlantic Forests of South America
  • The fate of vegetation remnants in the southern Amazon's largest threatened hotspot: part (I) a 33-year analysis of LULCC in the Tapajos River basin, Brazil
  • Atlantic_Forest_regeneration_potential
  • Future climate change will impact the size and location of breeding and wintering areas of migratory thrushes in South America
  • Effects of climate change on distribution and areas that protect two neotropical marsupials associated with aquatic environments
  • Mammals in Sao Paulo State: diversity, distribution, ecology, and conservation
  • Natural forest regeneration on anthropized landscapes could overcome climate change effects on the endangered maned sloth (Bradypus torquatus, Illiger 1811)
  • Present and future distribution of bat hosts of sarbecoviruses: implications for conservation and public health
  • Invasive wild boar's distribution overlap with threatened native ungulate in Patagonia
  • Distribution of macroalgae epiphytes and host species from the Cuban marine shelf inferred from ecological modelling
  • Effects of landscape modification on species richness patterns of fruit-feeding butterflies in Brazilian Atlantic Forest
  • Efficiency of protected areas in Amazon and Atlantic Forest conservation: A spatio-temporal view
  • High mammal species turnover in forest patches immersed in biofuel plantations
  • Impacts of mining activities on the potential geographic distribution of eastern Brazil mountaintop endemic species
  • Setting priority conservation management regions to reverse rapid range decline of a key neotropical forest ungulate
  • Climate change impacts on the Copernicia alba and Copernicia prunifera (Arecaceae) distribution in South America
  • Fragmented tropical forests lose mutualistic plant–animal interactions
  • Environmental niche and functional role similarity between invasive and native palms in the Atlantic Forest
  • Atlantic Forest spatiotemporal dynamic
  • Atlantic Forest spatiotemporal dynamics
  • The Atlantic Forest of South America: spatiotemporal dynamic of remaining vegetation and implications for conservation
  • Where do they live? Predictive geographic distribution of Tadarida brasiliensis brasiliensis (Chiroptera, Molossidae) in South America
  • Climate-driven loss of taxonomic and functional richness in Brazilian Atlantic Forest anurans
  • ATLANTIC SPATIAL: a dataset of landscape, topographic, hydrologic and anthropogenic metrics for the Atlantic Forest
  • Effect of landscape attributes on the occurrence of the endangered golden‐headed lion tamarin in southern Bahia, Brazil
  • The Protected Areas network may be insufficient to protect bird diversity in a fragmented tropical hotspot under different climate scenarios
  • The Atlantic Forest of South America: Spatiotemporal dynamics of the vegetation and implications for conservation

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