Martha Jensen

Graduate Student - Research Assistant (Hydrology not elsewhere classified)

Utah State University

Martha Jensen has a BS degree from Utah State University where her coursework focused on GIS spatial analysis techniques and restoration ecology. Her professional field experiences include: threatened and endangered native plant surveys, USEPA Superfund site monitoring and reporting, USFWS electro-fishing and macro-invertebrate sampling, and Environmental Site Assessments. Before Martha began pursuing her graduate degree, she worked for the USU Fluvial Habitats Center on a variety of spatial projects and helped them develop a cartographic standard for the lab. In August 2014, she began to pursue a Master's of Watershed Science degree with Dr. Joe Wheaton. She is studying salmonid habitat complexity in the Pacific Northwest to determine if high resolution data can tell us more about habitat requirements. To complement her scientific research interests, Martha would like to develop techniques that could bridge the gap between art and science visualizing complex data sets, and increasing collaborations between artists and scientists

Martha Jensen's public data