Longinus Ogugua

PhD Student (Pharmaceutical sciences; Medical biotechnology not elsewhere classified)

Leicester, UK

Longinus Ogugua is an enthusiast of pharmaceutical development ranging from molecular levels to finished pharmaceutical products, FFP. This drive has modeled his career and professional development over the years. He is a holder of an MPharmSci (University of Hull, UK) with some professional experience in pharmaceutical industry and research where he's held key management positions such as Quality Assurance Manager, Production Controller and Product Development Manager. Longinus is currently a PhD researcher at De Montfort University working with professor Geoff Smith in the area of pharmaceutical process technology (Lyophilisation). He is focused on the development of one or a combination of technologies including terahertz spectroscopy, impedance-based methodology (TVIS) and Laser system for the development of freeze-dried bio-pharmaceuticals. He is interested in technical and transferable skills for industry-based applications.

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