Kristoffer Greaves

Research Fellow (casual) Deakin University (Education)


Australian lawyer and PhD interested in practice research and professional and higher education.


  • 'Test Out the Scaffolding': A Qualitative Comparison of LLB Threshold Learning Outcomes and the PLT Competency Standards for 'Lawyers' Skills'
  • A Unanimous Tacit Complicity - Does Reproduction Serve As Gatekeeping?
  • Betwixt and Between - Practical Legal Training Practitioners - Scholarship of (Which) Practice?
  • Gatecrashing The Research Paradigm: Effective Integration Of Online Technologies In Maximising Research Impact And Engagement In Legal Education
  • Is Thinking Like A Lawyer Different To Thinking Like A Teacher?
  • Promoting justice through clinical legal education [Book Review]
  • The Matrix As The Gatekeeper: Effective Integration Of Online Technologies In Maximizing Research Impact And Engagement
  • Australian PLT Teachers Scholarship of Teaching Publications
  • Formal Qualifications of PLT Teachers in Australia - a sample
  • Interconnectedness, Multiplexity and the Global Student: The Role of Blogging and Micro Blogging in Opening Students’ Horizons
  • Is The Lecturer In The Room? A Study Of Student Satisfaction With Online Discussion Within Practical Legal Training
  • Learning Leadership is in Your Hands: Toward a Scholarship of Teaching in Practical Legal Training
  • Skills in LLB threshold learning outcomes and competency standards for entry-level lawyers – a comparison using CAQDAS
  • A Good Chat - Are Online Forums Fit for PLT?
  • I'm Not Like Everybody Else - Online Forums and Practical Legal Training
  • Computer-Mediated Communication in PLT
  • From Bloom to Marzano
  • Practical Legal Theatre
  • Plagiarism, Y Not?
  • Y Is It So? Plagiarism, Values, Ethics and Training Lawyers for a Global Profession
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Post-Graduate Legal Education Practice in an (Un)certain World. Paper presented at the HERDSA Annual Conference: Learning for Life and Work in a Complex World, Melbourne.

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Kate Galloway

Melissa Castan

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