Kristin Briney

Data Services Librarian (Library and information studies not elsewhere classified)


I am a PhD chemist who works at the interface of science, technology, and information management. My particular interests are: helping scientists manage their research data, teaching data management skills, and open access/open data.


  • Briney, Kristin. Data Management for Researchers. Exeter: Pelagic Publishing, 2015.
  • Briney, K. A.; Herman, L.; Boucher, D. S.; Dunkelberger, A. D.; Crim, F. F. (2010). The Influence of Vibrational Excitation on the Photoisomerization of trans-Stilbene in Solution. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 114(36), 9788-9794. doi: 10.1021/jp102752f

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