Kaylin Thornton

Founder/Researcher (Mathematical sciences)



  • Unification Of Natural Principles II: Geometrization of Electrodynamics
  • E8⊗E8 Julia Set Embedding via Bohmian Trajectories ⊗ Cl(16) ⊗ 26DBST
  • Electrons as Miniature Black Holes: Unified Particle Physics Hypothesis
  • Proposed Exploration of Advanced Spin Relaxation Dynamics in Layered Materials
  • A Conspansive, Self-Dual Universe: Foundations and Implications
  • Electron Spin, Chromophores, and Magnetic Fields: Unveiling the Secrets of Quantum Biology
  • The Unified Equation of Natural Principles
  • Electron Black Holes: Supersymmetric Kernels ⊗ Dyonic Ergospheres
  • Electron Black Holes: Ring Structure
  • Double Cover of P0 is P9.

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