Katherine Haxton

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry (Chemical sciences)

Keele, UK


  • Characterising patterns of engagement of different participants in a public STEM-based analysis project
  • International Group Work for Sustainable Chemistry
  • Chinese Students’ Expectations Versus Reality When Studying on a UK-China Transnational Chemistry Degree Program
  • Polymeric drug delivery of platinum-based anticancer agents.
  • All about arsenic.
  • Dendrimer Conjugate of [4-(Tetradecanoylamino)benzyl]phosphonic Acid (S32826) as an Autotaxin Inhibitor.
  • Diels Alder-mediated release of gemcitabine from hybrid nanoparticles for enhanced pancreatic cancer therapy.
  • Hyperbranched polymers for controlled release of cisplatin.
  • Silsesquioxane dendrimers as catalysts: a bite-sized molecular dynamics study.
  • The structure of phosphine-functionalised silsesquioxane-based dendrimers: a molecular dynamics study.
  • Learn to embrace the enabling power of tech
  • Thinglink and the Laboratory: Interactive Simulations of Analytical Instrumentation for HE Science Curricula
  • From Nantwich to Oxygen: Public Engagement in Chemistry at a Local History Museum

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