Justyna J. Miszkiewicz

Honorary Senior Lecturer (Biological (physical) anthropology)


I am currently an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; and an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.


  • A structural biorhythm related to human sexual dimorphism
  • Asymmetric midshaft femur remodeling in an adult male with left sided hip joint ankylosis, Metal Period Nagsabaran, Philippines
  • An image analysis protocol for the quantification of interglobular dentine in anthropological tooth sections
  • Osteocyte lacuno‐canalicular microstructure across the mid‐shaft femur in adult males from medieval England
  • Behavior and intra-skeletal remodeling in an adult male from 1720 BP Ebon Atoll, Marshall Islands, eastern Micronesia
  • Intra-skeletal vascular density in a bipedal hopping macropod with implications for analyses of rib histology.
  • Bone loss markers in the earliest Pacific Islanders
  • Forager and farmer evolutionary adaptations to malaria evidenced by 7000 years of thalassemia in Southeast Asia.
  • Secondary osteon variants and remodeling in human bone
  • Hidden in plain sight: the archaeological landscape of Mithaka Country, south-west Queensland
  • Estimating stature using human forearm and leg anthropometric data in an Australian female sample
  • Skeletal markers of health and disease in the Northern Moluccas
  • How adapting to research setbacks can pave the way to greater outcomes
  • Microanatomical Record of Cortical Bone Remodeling and High Vascularity in a Fossil Giant Rat Midshaft Femur
  • Socio-economic Determinants of Bone Health from Past to Present
  • Biomechanical analysis of controlled tibial blunt force trauma
  • Enamel neonatal line thickness in deciduous teeth of Australian children from known maternal health and pregnancy conditions
  • Island rule and bone metabolism in fossil murines from Timor
  • Humerus midshaft histology in a modern and fossil wombat
  • The importance of open access software in the analysis of bone histology in biological anthropology
  • Bone deep: Variation in stable isotope ratios and histomorphometric measurements of bone remodelling within adult humans
  • The biorhythm of human skeletal growth.
  • Histomorphometry and cortical robusticity of the adult human femur
  • Microscopic markers of an infradian biorhythm in human juvenile ribs.
  • The Dentition: Development, Disturbances, Disease, Diet, and Chemistry
  • Skeletal Health in Medieval Societies: Insights from Ancient Bone Collagen Stable Isotopes and Dental Histology
  • Ancient Human Bone Microstructure Case Studies from Medieval England
  • The Social Context of Bone Health: Conclusions and Future Directions
  • Medieval English Social Inequality and Bone Health: What Lessons are There to be Learnt for the Living?
  • Bone Health
  • Histology of a Harris line in a human distal tibia.
  • Investigating histomorphometric relationships at the human femoral midshaft in a biomechanical context.
  • Ancient Human Bone Microstructure in Medieval England: Comparisons between Two Socio-Economic Groups.
  • Enamel biorhythms of humans and great apes: the Havers-Halberg Oscillation hypothesis reconsidered.
  • Biorhythms, deciduous enamel thickness, and primary bone growth: a test of the Havers-Halberg Oscillation hypothesis.
  • Linear enamel hypoplasia and age-at-death at Medieval (11th-16th Centuries) St. Gregory's Priory and Cemetery, Canterbury, UK.
  • Deciduous enamel 3D microwear texture analysis as an indicator of childhood diet in medieval Canterbury, England
  • Formation times in thermally altered enamel
  • Human bone and dental histology in an archaeological context
  • Cortical Histomorphometry of the Human Humerus During Ontogeny
  • Crocodile Tooth Histology from a Pliocene Deposit in Chinchilla, Queensland
  • Growth of Neanderthal infants from Krapina (120–130 ka), Croatia
  • Disability and Difference on the New Zealand Frontier
  • Supplementary materials from Growth of Neanderthal infants from Krapina (120–130 ka), Croatia
  • Primary bone retention in a young adult male with limb disuse: a bioarchaeological case study
  • Female bone physiology resilience in 750-300 BP ‘Polynesian Outlier’ community
  • Inferring longevity from advanced rib remodelling in insular dwarf deer
  • The lifestyles of Bronze Age Zagros highlanders at Deh Dumen, Iran: insights from midshaft femur cross‐sectional geometry and histology
  • The lifestyles of Bronze Age Zagros highlanders at Deh Dumen, Iran: Insights from midshaft femur cross‐sectional geometry and histology
  • Microscopic markers of an infradian biorhythm in human juvenile ribs.
  • Bone histology in a fossil elephant (Elephas maximus) from Pulau Bangka, Indonesia
  • Cartesian Coordinates in Two-Dimensional Bone Histology Images for Quaternary Bone Remodelling Research
  • Female bone physiology resilience in a past Polynesian Outlier community
  • Proceedings of The Royal Society of Queensland 131
  • Interim report on the vertebrate deposits recovered from the Capricorn Caves, Rockhampton, Queensland
  • Human femur morphology and histology variation with ancestry and behaviour in an ancient sample from Vietnam
  • Bone biology and microscopic changes in response to behaviour
  • Comment on “assessing the extent of bone bioerosion in short timescales – A novel approach for quantifying microstructural loss [Quat. Int., in press]”
  • Rib remodelling changes with body size in fossil hippopotamuses from Cyprus and Greece
  • Preclinical rodent models for human bone disease including a focus on cortical bone
  • Preclinical Rodent Models for Human Bone Disease, Including a Focus on Cortical Bone

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