Julia Kelliher


  • Development of Anti-Yersinia pestis Human Antibodies with Features Required for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
  • Illumina Sequencing for SARS-CoV-2 Training [Slides]
  • Widespread bacterial diversity within the bacteriome of fungi
  • Advances and Challenges in Fluorescence in situ Hybridization for Visualizing Fungal Endobacteria
  • Challenges in Bioinformatics Workflows for Processing Microbiome Omics Data at Scale
  • Multiple Cases of Bacterial Sequence Erroneously Incorporated Into Publicly Available Chloroplast Genomes
  • Democratization of fungal highway columns as a tool to investigate bacteria associated with soil fungi
  • Complete Genome Sequence of a Parabacteroides distasonis Strain (CavFT hAR46) Isolated from a Gut Wall-Cavitating Microlesion in a Patient with Severe Crohn’s Disease
  • A centralized resource for bacterial–fungal interactions research
  • Cohort-based learning for microbiome research community standards
  • The National Microbiome Data Collaborative Data Portal: an integrated multi-omics microbiome data resource
  • Standardized Workflows and NMDC EDGE Training: Spanish Translation
  • Associated bacterial communities, confrontation studies, and comparative genomics reveal important interactions between Morchella with Pseudomonas spp.
  • 2023 NMDC Ambassador Presentations
  • The untapped potential of mini-microbiomes: challenges of endohyphal microbiomes
  • The endohyphal microbiome: current progress and challenges for scaling down integrative multi-omic microbiome research

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